Harbourwalk Poem W405

McDonald’s gives me –
Enough tissues to wipe –
My mouth and ass of their meals




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Seriously! With the amount of tissues given to me with meals at McDonald’s, I can only wonder how messy they deem their customers to be. Today, my mind wandered more what to do with all this tissue, whereby I thought I had enough to wipe my mouth when it went in, and my ass when it came out! lol

For the record, I save all the tissues I get to use in other meals, for painting, messy crafts, wipe my nose instead of using real tissues, etc. I don’t waste any of it. I sometimes even hang on to not well used tissues to use the unused parts to dust, clean something on the kitchen counter, etc. I really do not waste any of the stuff! In fact, when I moved back to Nova Scotia in late 2001, I bought a package of 6 Kleenex tissue boxes. I have used half a box since! I still have the other five unused, and the half used box serves as the foundation upon which I leave McDonald’s tissues not yet used.

The W-series poems comprise mostly of haiku or tanka composed during walks I took on the portion of Halifax’s waterfront known as the Harbourwalk, during the warmer months of 2018 & 2019, when the Seabridge was in place.


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